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PURE 2017


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Marke: Gaastra Kites
Farbe: blau
Artikelnr: 5000220189 / 5000220189
Lieferanten-Nummer: 060117PU


The  Pure 2017 is the most complete crossover between freestyle and wave! The profile advancements provide an even more accurate pressure point at the bar. In addition the expanded C-Shape construction offers fast turning with precise and direct steering. This is why the GA Pure is the ultimate setup for ambitious Freestyle and Wave riders! Explosive and predictable pop combined with solid slack offer all the freestyle abilities you can imagine. Furthermore the kite recovers quickly on big kitelooops in order to ensure a soft landing.

Exact feedback and precise steering are equally important for unhooked tricks and in all kinds of waves.

No matter if strapless or straps the good drift abilities of the Pure are essential for every wave rider. For 2017 we enhanced the quick relaunch and the big wind range characteristics for any advancing rider to fall in love with this kite. And in order to make this a long-lasting relationship we did not only make this kite lighter by a double spinnaker frame but also reinforced the leading edge with new patches and stiching.


  • stronger Leading edge & lighter construc- tion
  • expanded C-Shape construction
  • exact barfeeling and feedback
  • fast turning for optimized wave and free- style riding
  • explosive and predictable pop
  • most precise and direct steering


The GA-Pure is the perfect kite for ambitious freestyle and wave riders. The kite that serves all your pleasures.

COLOR - C1 - Orange/Blue