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Wakeboard boots

Wakeboard boots

Wakeboard boot

Wakeboard boots have many features you will want to consider when choosing a new boot. For the best fit, many riders choose to have their own boots even if they share a wakeboard. Remember, boots may easily be swapped out on the boat between rides if this is the case.

This gives your toes some breathing room. A large benefit of open-toe boots is that you may be able to squeeze a few more shoe sizes into an open-toe boot than you can into a closed-toe boot. Open toe boots are maybe a better option if you are purchasing just a single board for your boat, or if you have kids who are still growing.

Closed-toe wakeboard boots offer a more exact fit, which provides more control, increased leverage and quick heel to toe responses. Closed-toe can also keep feet warmer, which is a big plus here in the Northwest. Finally, they are usually higher end models and can be more expensive than their open-toe kind.

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