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Der starboard kode wave wood 2016 ist sowohl online als auch im den Shop von Telstarsurf vorhanden. Bestellen Sie dieses starboard kode wave wood 2016 einfach durch es in Ihren Warenkorb legen. Telstarsurf hat viele Artikel von Starboard Online

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Marke: Starboard Windsurfboard
Farbe: ---
Artikelnr: 4000220005 / 4000220005
Lieferanten-Nummer: Kode Wood 2016

All new Kode. Phillip Koster's choice.

The all-new Kode Wave will take jumps and waveriding to the airs, whether you are starting out in the waves or already have a few PWA World Champion titles like Philip Koster or the Morenos.

The 2016 Kode Waves are now more consistent across the range, with the Vee brought further back into the mono-concave for a smoother initiation of the bottom turn and rail-to-rail transfers. The fast rocker and mono-concave squash tail create speed and acceleration for taking jumps and waveriding to the airs. It just wants to boost, jumping or waveriding. It offers excellent projection above the lip with a lot of power adapted to the new generation of aerial and rotational wave riding. All-new shapes for 2016.

Comfortably generous width under the mast track for early planning. Just the right amount of length for speed in jumps without affecting manoeuvrability once in the airs or on the wave. Lengths from 222 to 234 cm and widths from 56.5 to 62cm.

The Squash tail provides volume which translates to versatility in on-shore conditions and mushier waves. Also helps in sliding reverse moves.

Vertical, square twin fins by MB generate a compact power delivery with drive while allowing for early release of the tail. Plug the slot boxes and convert to a single fin for a more classic feel.

New slot box 5th generation

Designed to be extra light, weighting 70% lighter than a US box. Custom-manufactured bolts fit the same screwdriver as your footstraps, keeping the system simple and hassle-free.

The dual density footpads have a softer inside layer for comfort and a grippier upper layer. Fitted with matching color Drake Wave MK IV straps. Strong and comfortable, yet rigid, with strap-size indicators for easy adjustments.

Technische Daten
Länge Breite Volumen Gewicht Finne Segeln
224 58.0 78 6.7 2x twinser 16.5 cm 3.3 - 5.3
222 56.5 73 6.4 2x twinser 16.0 cm 3.0 - 5.0
229 58.5 83 6.9 2x twinser 16.5 cm 3.5 - 5.5
230 60.5 88 7.0 2x twinser 17.0 cm 4.0 - 6.0
234 62.0 93 7.1 2x twinser 17.0 cm 4.5 - 6.5