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Marke: Tabou Windsurfboard
Farbe: ---
Artikelnr: 400030111 / 4000300042
Lieferanten-Nummer: Rocket LTD 2015

The Rocket

A perfect balance of speed and acceleration, maneuverability and control; these boards continue to raise the bar for any freeride board. These test winning boards prove to be hard to beat … this comment coming from the shaper himself! “Tabou wanted to make sure these new shapes are noticeably better and they have found more magic!” said Fabien. Better performance (faster, earlier planing and better acceleration) without losing any good points from the past!

Fabien Vollenweider

We concentrated on getting better performance while not losing any of the easy side to these boards. To do this we used what we learned about outline and V distribution working with the team with the Manta. So to get more power we have reduced the V in the tail, and to achieve more power in low winds, we have increased the width of the outline around the front foot area while making the tail outline narrower.

As a result we get great planing, great acceleration and very good top speed. We kept our signature Tabou nose double concave to get our famous “soft touch” over the chop that makes the boards so easy. We also kept our smooth rocker and rail foil distribution that makes this range so easy and predictable in the turns.

  • Perfect rocker for smoother planing, better non-active planing balance.
  • Balanced V and concave: more acceleration, keeps you planing better through lulls and generates more top speed.
  • More volume and wider in the tail: better acceleration, more power in lulls, better upwind.

Technische Daten
Länge Breite Volumen Gewicht Finne Box Segeln
250 72 135 7.4 Freeride 44cm Powerbox 6.0-8.5