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Marke: F-one Kites
Farbe: gelb combi
Artikelnr: 5000220160 / 5000220160
Lieferanten-Nummer: Bandit 2017

F-one Bandit X 2017

This is the absolute all-in-one in the kitesurfing offer.

The F-One Bandit 2017 is the 10th generation bandits! Of course still with its original Delta C-shape design. This makes it a kite really suitable for everyone. He is forgiving, flies quickly and has a very good depower. In addition, he is perfect for freeriding and jumping. Still, you can easily take it out and kiteloopen!

This year, the F-one Bandit X got a slightly square outline. This makes him more powerfull in the air and makes him more comfortable. He offers a very solid and smooth power with good control at all times. The F-one Bandit 2017 has a wide wind range and is already ready for sailing. Yet, in overpowered conditions, he also offers a good control and depower. A predictable kite that feels directly naturally.
As a result, the Bandit is well suited for beginner kitesurfers. His hang time and flight features make him perfect for the advanced freerider!


  • New square outline
  • Less pull
  • Smooth power
  • Efficient shape
  • Good wind range
  • Very easy relaunch
  • Light weight
  • Improved hang time